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Jun 20, 2024
Introduction to Surge Waves 2 & 3

Following the announcement of the Surge First Wave, over 850 valiant insurgents have flocked to Surge’s banner, leading the charge by locking more than 100M $CAVIAR, whilst engaging in several missions to promote Surge in the Radix ecosystem and beyond.

As the First Wave begins to draw to a close over the coming weeks, we present an introduction into subsequent waves 2 and 3 to give our insurgents a glimpse of what to expect, and how their experience and rank will serve them when the platform launches in the coming months.

The First Wave

The Surge First Wave focussed around the locking of $CAVIAR tokens to climb the ranks and gain points which lead to an allocation of $SRG. Facilitated through our Surge Bot, insurgents were also able to enhance their scores through various missions designed to reward engagement, particularly outside the Radix ecosystem.

This phase also saw the release of Surge’s tokenomics — detailing for the first time, the allocations set aside for participants of the Surge Waves.

As the First Wave draws to a close, insurgents will have a choice to make:

Desert the Surge and have their $CAVIAR returned. All points will be forfeited and deserters will not be allowed to return to the ranks of insurgents. Advance by Pledging Allegiance and burning their $CAVIAR. With this courageous act, an insurgent will retain their points and proceed to the Second Wave.

Pledging Allegiance

At the end of the First Wave, insurgents will be presented with the choice above — Desert or Advance. If an insurgent chooses to advance, their $CAVIAR will be permanently and irreversibly burned and their total point score inclusive of any medals will carry over to the Second Wave.

Furthermore, at this point insurgents will have an opportunity to gain additional bonus points by delaying their allocation of $SRG tokens. By default, Wave $SRG allocations will be locked until 27th November 2024, but insurgents may choose to delay their allocation up to 27th November 2026. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis, with additional bonus points diminishing as more insurgents opt to lock their allocation for longer.

Being quick when Wave 1 finishes and locking up the longest gives the biggest bonus!

When insurgents make their choice to Desert or Advance — the additional bonus points will be displayed for the chosen lock period, so an informed decision can be made at the time of locking.

Second Wave

The Second Wave will mark the beginning of the Surge platform on Testnet. This will provide a crucial opportunity for insurgents to earn additional points to add to their $SRG allocation.

Much like the First Wave, points and medals will be awarded for various tasks and achievements. However, unlike the First Wave where points and medals were awarded for only engagement, during the Second Wave, medals will also be awarded to insurgents who provide valuable feedback on features, bugs, and suggestions for UI/UX enhancements.

This initial period of testing on Surge Testnet will be followed by a Soft Mainnet Launch to gain further feedback from insurgents. Bonus points will be available up until our full Mainnet Launch which will mark the end of the Second Wave.

Wave 2 bonus points will be added to each insurgent’s First Wave points total (inclusive of all bonus points, including those earned via the Surge Bot in Telegram and any selected lock period when pledging allegiance). Multipliers will then be applied, as conveyed by any medals received during Waves 1 and 2. Final scores will be recorded against each insurgent’s Rank NFT, defining their share of the allocated 8,000,000 $SRG tokens, with the Rank NFT being required to claim the $SRG allocation after the chosen lock period has elapsed.

This will mark the end of the Waves points game and allocation.

Third & Final Wave

Following the launch of Surge on Mainnet and the end of the Second Wave, those who have weathered the storm and continue to hold their Rank NFT will become one of an elite band of insurgents.

A special referral badge will be introduced, tailored specifically to respective ranks. These badges will be pre-loaded with funds and insurgents will be able to generate multiple referral codes to distribute to friends, colleagues and referees, enabling them to open their trading accounts with funds ready to be deployed.

Crucially, the referral badge will collect a proportion of all trading fees from the accounts onboarded by the insurgent going forwards.

SRG Token Generation timeline

The $SRG token generation event (TGE) is expected to take place in Q4, 2024.

When will the bonus points snapshot be taken?

With plenty of warning, Surge command will announce a date of the end of the 2nd wave when the snapshot will be taken and all your points will be summed up and attributed to your Rank NFT badge.

How are the final points calculated?

Rank NFT Points: Note this will already include any bonus for extending your lockup time at the end of the first wave. Medal NFTs: These must be in the same account address as the Rank NFT at the time of the snapshot. Telegram (TG) Bonus points: To attach these points to a Rank NFT the Telegram account must have linked their Radix account using ROLA via the SurgeBot. FinalPoints = Points(I.e. Rank + Medals + TGpoints) x (1+Sum(Multipliers))

Example: Rank NFT: 1000 points Medal1: 500 points, 2% multiplier Medal2: 1000 points, 4% multiplier Telegram: 250 points

FinalPoints = (1000 + 500 + 1000+ 250) x (1+6%) = 2915

What is ROLA and do I need to do it?

Radix Off-Ledger Authentication (ROLA) is a way for any insurgent to associate their Telegram account privately with their Radix wallet address. Linking your Telegram with your Radix account can be done with the SurgeBot under the /link_radix command and allows Surge command to associate any points earned on Telegram to your Rank NFT at the time of the snapshot.

I didn’t take part in Wave 1, can I still earn points and get some SRG allocation?

No. Once the clock has closed for Wave 1, no more Rank NFT badges can be minted.

Can I buy medals to boost my total points?

Yes! Medals are freely transferable so you can buy medals from other Insurgents and at the time of the snapshot, Surge command will associate these points to the Rank NFT badge in the same Radix account address. Please note that only one medal from each task will be counted.

Is there a deadline to pledging allegiance? What If I do nothing?

Currently there is no deadline, though this could change. Insurgents locking early and delaying their SRG unlock time will be reward with an additional bonus on a first-come-first-served basis.


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