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Bringing the power of Radix ecosystem to your desktop

The Radix ecosystem is a game changer for Web3. Now you can access many of the ground-breaking dApps and services from your desktop.


Tokens, NFTs, LSUs


Validator or Stake Pools


Limit and Market Orders


Key Features

We bring together all the key features that the most ambitious Radix user needs to make it easy for them to manage their portfolio and make critical decisions.

Portfolio Management
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Securely Stake with ShardSpace

Unlock the full potential of Liquid Staking by staking directly to Validators or Stake Pools then easily manage your LSUs and claim staking rewards.

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Join our fast-growing community of users from all over the world.

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Whether you’re a developer, token holder, or new to it all, there’s a place for everyone with ShardSpace.

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Take control of your portfolio with ShardSpace. Connect your Radix wallet now to enjoy seamless asset management, ecosystem insights, or create your own tokens.

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Explore our intuitive platform and discover the power of ShardSpace. Analyze, track, and optimize your crypto holdings like never before.

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Join the ShardSpace ecosystem and access a world of possibilities. Connect with fellow crypto enthusiasts, stay informed, and make informed investment decisions.


Follow our roadmap as we aim to build bigger and better features unlocking the full potential of the Radix ecosystem from the ease of a single dashboard.


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