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Jun 18, 2024
SRG Tokenomics — First Glance
Surge tokenomics unveiled.
Surge, Web3

The SRG Token

Surge aims to revolutionise trading by offering a seamless, secure and user-friendly platform combined with innovations such as instant trading and comprehensive referral awards.

Central to this ecosystem is the SRG token, which plays a pivotal role in governance, fee structures and rewards.

Total Supply and Allocation

The allocation strategy is designed to support the project’s growth, incentivise early adopters and ensure long-term sustainability.

Token Supply : 100,000,000

Token Generation Event : TBD

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the token distribution:

Pre-seed funding (complete) : 7.5%

Vesting Team allocation: 17.5%

Vesting Company Reserves: 20%

Insurgent Waves allocation: 8%

Future Incentives: 47%


Surge will reward participants of the Surge Waves who lock up CAVIAR tokens for points and pledge their allegiance. Points can be further increased via performing tasks and earning medals. Those who commit to extended delivery periods will be eligible for an increased allocation.

User Incentives and Referrals

Surge will reward users of the platform once live and in addition, is planning a comprehensive referral program. More details on this will be published in the coming months.

Governance and Utility

The SRG token is integral to the governance of the Surge platform. Token holders will have the power to influence key decisions, including protocol upgrades, fee structures, burning rates and other critical aspects of the ecosystem. By participating in governance, SRG holders will contribute to the platform’s continuous improvement and alignment with community interests.

More details will be forthcoming.


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